Sunday, December 10, 2006

well then

so no hike today.
around 5'ish yesterday got paged and had to drive on over to lake placid; such a lovely town. didn't park the t-racer at csi grove 'till around 11. yup. if ya do the math, that means i was on site for all of, probably 15 minutes. sometimes its good being mr. fix it, sometimes not so much.
i overslept as a result. ah well.

did have a hairy couple moments driving back. kicking on the stretch betweeen the bridge and the turn at the addison store and hit a weird, icy patch. and of course was jerking the wheel every which way, leading to my arresting in a corn field. fortunately there was no traffic, cause had there been, there would have been the crunch of metal on metal. but no harm. no foul.

and now i got a chicken that i prepped yesterday slowly roasting in the oven.
spice blend that included: onion powder, garlic, peps, salt, paprika, cayenne, and spike. rubbed that all over the inside and out of the bird, stuffed the critter w/ a couple onions and like 4 mashed up cloves of garlic, dropped it in a bag and frigged it overnight. roasting now (with some chicken stock in the bottom of the pan) @ 250. thinkin about a 5 hour cookin window. the feds say that chix has gotta reach an internal temp of 185 degrees to eliminate all that's bad. the 5 hours should do it.

in addition made both the sunday gravy (on saturday, mind you) and a s. western mac and cheese (green chilies and cumin) yesterday. kinda fun knockin around the kitchen. sucks during the week not having anything readily available after gettin out the salt mine so a bit of time pays huge. at least for this week i'm somewhat covered.

mentioned that i'm working through robert lowell's letters. predictably, and as a result, i went out today and grabbed pound's cantos and wc william's patterson. too funny, and this is a sad comment: step up to the counter of the barnes and noble, dude behind the counter addresses me in this proper english accent. all well and good. so i say to him: "yup, its feelin like time to finally read through the cantos." just makin conversation. for all that, i could have been speaking russian. the lesson = dont be fooled by a decadent british accent, there's a disconnect between folk's that work at bookstores and the product, and its probably better to not even bother an attempt to engage. letterboxers, philisitnes. the lot.

and so i'm just kinda chillin like a villan on a sunday w/ a chicken in the oven. got some dub
kickin the base, gettin set fer football. guess things could be a whole lot worse. and fascinated by the attached. ol' stan lee was up ta somethin. dig the coiled energy in the animation and the hyperbolic text. to say nothing of the twisted, ever so suprising plot line. thats some good shit!

go giants!
be good y'all.

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