Friday, December 08, 2006

update from home

well then.

seems the pre-thanksgiving funk has been all but shook off me shoulders.
not sure how all this stuff plays out. but i do know that the idiotic, sing-song, "fall back, spring ahead" shit must play in the mix. why fuck with light's availability around the holidays?

or ( which is a great word!!: or) : maybe thats why folks figured it'd be a good idea to concentrate on the festive at this darkening turn of the year. who knows and after all: why fight city hall?

frankly, at this point i'm not certain that i'm even interested in an answer to the question. just good ta be on the other side of a funk. life in the northcountry comes with its costs.

and now, with determination, i gotta swing a pack with all good stuff over my shoulder. carry it on through the winter.

keep posted, cause w/ the new vibe i expect that the posts'll be starting to be a bit more engaged and hopefully intersting.

(cause i really think that i want no part of an early wake up tommorow, sunday sunrise is gonna happen. who knows where. i do want to get on up high early this weekeend)

be careful out there y'all. shit's lurkin in the trees!

(pix is from lower bank street on a sunny day)

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