Saturday, December 16, 2006

no hike

rolled out @ 4.5 am.
spun it about in richmond cause the rain was fallin and there realistically didn't look like a shot that the light was going to manifest.
and didn't wanna get wet. aint made of sugar, but....

managed to get some holiday shopping done instead.
which'll buy me time while in michigan.
tentatively slated fer the zoo, pistons game, etc.

(and in the interim a trip to ritz to get the nikon cleaned)

so apologies for the lack of pix. and instead i stumbled across this, which i do dig.

here's a linx:

(ironically i got my '07 jack daniels calendar in the mail the other day and mr. tucker appears to be a commisioned photog. some really nice portraits. and th kids pix are as innocent as can be.)

peace y'all

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