Friday, November 24, 2006


both yesterday and today.
a cruise up giant yesterday. today mansfield for sunrise.

each characterized by lack of snow but an annoying abundance of ice. not enough for crampons, but just enough to make the going deliberate and calculated. more so in the dax, but even today there were some moments.

giant: steep. knew immediately it was going to be a labor, after seeing the inaugurating trail sign advertise a 3+k altitude adjustment over the 3. some odd mile ascent. and right out of the gate.

inspite of the ice a pretty good hike. somewhat disappointed that the slides visible from the ausable club were not more prominent during the course of the journey, or on top for that matter. highlight's gotta be a tremendous view of dix. wow. thats a big un' (if you'll scuse the pun). odd, though: all told the day didnt offer much by way of the visual. got a few nice pix but
nothing striking.

mansfield this mornin: somewhat hostile. and i started out lifting heavy legs. up, up, up, broke treeline and the wind was just a howling out of the north west. had to scramble for a while before i actually got dressed appropriately.

sunrise was cool, but it was actually too cloudless for things ta get interesting.

dig the pix.
and we've got another 2 days!

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