Friday, November 10, 2006


move me brightly....

personally an odd sort of time now-a-days.
not sure what all is at the root, but november in vermont is leading the list. cause its dark. just feelin sluggish.

but i mysteriously sparked a few minutes ago with a youthful kick.
with the thought that ya just gotta push against it.
(sorry for being somewhat cryptic. Sisyphus and all)

prepped some food. dragged my bag out. packed it. crampons are readily available. clothes laid out too.
and the thought is why not see what a sunrise on the hump looks like this time a' year.
clomp, clomp on up. what's more: if i'm up there early, with nuthin really ta do, i may commit to freedom. w/out objective. once the heavy liftin is done there aint no reason to give it all up. a ridge run may be in order.

so check on back. i do know that i wanna get some pix to send along.

we'll see what we cant capture.

(all the while w/ winterland '78 new years show blaring!)

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