Saturday, November 25, 2006

a few minutes later...

and fired up.
alarm is set. previous, uncomfortable mistake has been to cut things too close. friday, with heavy legs dragging cause of the giant hike, i definitely played the clock. as a result i necessarily pressed endurance and stamina more than pleasure. mind you: its interesting to do so. but at a cost i'm not paying tomorrow. had a guinness packed that went untouched(?)

a revised, new and improved tack set in motion.
wake up time will allow plenty of time to spare on the frontside (cause i think i enjoy twilight more than the eventual, actual rise of the sun)
going with a small, light pack (no crampons, no shoes. rather: 2 jugs of water, sweater, windbreaker, camera, tripod, some food, an extra pair of gloves)
looking to enjoy a guinness for strength!

i promised a bit ago some of the abstract shit from the hump, last time i was there for the sunrise.
so check it.
understand why i gotta dial this stuff in.

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