Wednesday, November 15, 2006

couldn't resist

and to just mix things up all the more, and make it a bit more absurd than need be, the accompanying photo stands in contra temps.

the photo speaks for itself, if thats the right way to describe.

but i stumbled today on the eliot poem today. if yer like me you probably read it in high school and got nowhere, only to then see it again in lit survey course in college. go figure. still nowhere.

but give it another read, cause now i think i get why eliot is considered a modernist. some way gritty stuff. feeling like film noir w/ the same kind of alienated, pessimistic nihilism. wow. pretty cool after all. maybe there are some advantages ta gettin a bit more grizzled.
check it out.

with apologies for the juxtaposition. or maybe not!

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