Saturday, October 07, 2006

stupid tax rendered

so on a trip last wed to ny i spaced and left my laptop at a client's in saranac lake.
which raises the question of responsibility and recompense.
figured it best, rather than ask that they put the thing in a box and mail er on over to vermont, that i should personally realize its safe journey home.

initially i was going to drive over today, spend the night and do a sunrise cruise up gothics or some shit. but after due consideration i second guessed. just drove over and sheparded it on home. no stay. no hike.

sounds like a let down, but you could do worse than a cruise through the lowlands during this season. and whereas there are generally few to moderate hikers clambering around, today keene valley was like a spot of honey next to an anthill. swarmin. wouldn't have dug it at all.

the resolution arrived at on the drive home was mansfield tommorow for sunrise. and with that in mind, i'm really starting to get fired up. the weather is going to be cold and spectacular. so by all means, check on in tommorow for what are going to be some striking pix, i'm all but ceretain.


so lookie:

crap. had no idea. but there ya have it. only friggin band that matters. and watchin it right about now.

a young joe strummer talkin politics in the bar!
gotta be seen ta be believed.


ken rogers for prez!
stunning performance. eyes bleeding intensity. that ought to show the squad what it all means and what it takes to win. i can't think of a more inspiring, dominating performance. that might sound like hyperbole, but for now, there aint no arguement.
bust up them yanks.

wow. bonderman take note! and the rest of ya: be afriad, be very afraid.

Finally: a cool couple shots from today.

as mentioned stay tuned, cause i gotta funny feelin tommorow morning is gonna be some kinda special!

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