Saturday, September 02, 2006


for what its worth.

no hike today.
felt, rather, better suited (if that's possible fer me) to just hang out.
and so:
went downtown to grab the new dylan record, which is now spinnin for the second time. nice, bitter, slow shuffle. which led me to do a bit of diggin. check the playlists out, if yer so inclined. me, i got no sattelite radio, but if there were a reason...

on the return, stopped into the grocer's, with an aim to fetch provisions for the week. what i really wanted to provide for, though, were the necessary ingreedients for kim-chi. tonight i'll have the cabbage floating in brine. we'll get it finished off and canned tommorow.

poked around the bookstore, looking to compliment and expand the lewis and clark curricula. started the journals last night and i'm thinking that i'd like to have a better understanding of the international (british/french/spanish) interests in the continent. more: seems that there was a tremendously significant bit of geo-political thinkin going on by jefferson. returned empty handed (not really. grabbed "exploring the 46 adirondack high peaks," which obviously is in the wheel house.)

GO BLUE! even though i'm a spartie, got the michigan game on the tube. college football is back. yet more evidence of the slow march.

this afternoon gotta bit of organizational work ta do. think i'm finally going to go through the spindles of dead shows i managed to grab from lma before weir decided to pull the plug, and get them, at least, in chronological order. stage 1 is all neatly set in 4 or so binders binders, but i must have 1000 discs that need to get off spindles and into more suitable, accessible circumstance.

while we're at it, and fer those interested:

10-0 michigan....


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