Friday, September 22, 2006


no hike (?)
woke and after both yesterday and 9/20, frankly didn't feel like engaging in the whole process.

prepare, pack, DRIVE, till up we go. the drive element occupied resistance point # 1.

nothing close in vermont that i really felt compelled to tackle, and so had i chosen, it would have been another 4 hours, at least, of windshield time to find myself in the mix.

too, was a bit disappointed in some other things, which i can't help but think factored in to the equation. could also be some post 9/20 blues.

in response i managed around mi casa.
lewis and clark.
strolled through the grocery.
banged some pots and pans tagether in prep of meals to be enjoyed.
etc. (gave another listen to dylan's new record)

as an offering: here's another from the attempt yesterday. hoe, mama, she's a big 'un! scale on those shoulders, mister

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