Tuesday, September 19, 2006

props to my bro and an update...

drive to 09/20 continues apace.

and what better a way to start than gettin home, snappin the tube on, and once again logging some time w/ napolean dynamite. just gotta love cinemax on demand.

if ya dont laugh throughout yer never gonna get it.
shake-yer-head-in-beffudled-amusement fun.
You know, there's, like,
a buttload of gangs at this school.

This one gang kept wanting me to join
'cause I'm pretty good with a bow staff.


my bro's got a website for his corp., appopriately enough named after the hood, cause that's where it starts.
due respect.
check it out. and if some of the photos look familliar, just remember there's something to be
said about nepotism/working on the cheap.



9/20 >
big hike slated provisionally for friday.
tommorow gonna do something local.
sunday: off to new hamsphire and a run up the prezies.

lewis and clark
the unexpected

got some cool shit ta look forward to over the next few days.


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