Monday, September 18, 2006

on the approach to 9/20

a heads up.

years ago, in michigan, the devoted scoffed at the turn u2 took toward zoo tv.
i had been blown away by seeing joshua tree in montreal. was something of a late comer. did NOT see the zoo tv stuff. but given bullet the blue sky, was interested.

and along came this vids (along with a whole bunch of peaks via MTV -- remember MTV?)
at the time i was teaching and decided to bring it on in as an example of the postmodern. ENO is pretty smart, after all.

only alternative without becoming self-parodic was to throw their arms up and become so by choice. why not present a brilliant searing critique of the media/social constructions of celebity/means of transmission/etc. all to a blistering soundtrack. and its some kinda blistering.

"still talkin bout the end of the world!"

so go out and grab the vids, which has finally been released on dvd. tellin ya.
some interesting shit goin on. with regret for not having payed the two bits to see it all unfold live.

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