Thursday, September 07, 2006

further extemporanious musings

still otherwise engaged with lewis and clark. and so thought it best to enclude (sic)
(erratic spelling of the journals is seepin in ta my bean) an extensive link, just in case those at home would like to take a look, follow along, in more detail, at what is in stephen ambrose's words, "a national treasure."

call me crazy, but combing through sure does seem a better way ta spend time than checking in on the latest reality show.

dig the linx:

painting is by sanford robinson gifford, by the bye. looking on up at mansfield from the south, forehead prominent.

(guess that might be considered a commercial)

do dig yet more optimistic words from captain lewis (my man!) ; from the the seventh june, 1805, all told after suffering several days of RAIN:

"we therefore continued our rout down the river sometimes in the mud and water of the bottom lands, at others in the river to our breasts and when the water became so deep that we could not wade we cut footsteps in the face of the steep bluffs with our knives and proceded. we continued our disagreeable march th[r]ough the rain mud and water untill late in the evening having traveled only about 18 miles, and encamped in an old Indian stick lodge which afforded us a dry and comfortable shelter. during the day we had killed six deer some of them in very good order altho' none of them had yet entirely discarded their winter coats. we had reserved and brought with us a good supply of the best peices; we roasted and eat a hearty supper of our venison not having taisted a mosel before during the day; I now laid myself down on some willow boughs to a comfortable nights rest, and felt indeed as if I was fully repaid for the toil and pain of the day, so much will a good shelter, a dry bed, and comfortable supper revive the sperits of the waryed, wet and hungry traveler--"

got my own plans. not sure its gonna include 18 miles (!: my man) or 6 deer, but.
frankly, seems i need a bitta juice.
stay tuned.

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