Monday, September 11, 2006

and now

so a reflection on hiking this weekend.

each hike carrys it's own unique message.

as mentioned, i actually made a run on saturday morning, after having woke up way early. inspite of the commtiment of the drive to the dax, which isn't negligible, things just weren't quite right. no camera battery, no tripod, nor was i situated in a place/in time where i wanted to be (please read that again, cause there is more to it than may be immediately apparent.)

instead i wanted a fresh look at the intended hike. with the mistakes of the past righted.

sunday's hike.
not quite sure how to get to the bottom of it all. but there were a couple interesting phases.

I: making time getting to the trail head, all the while hiking with the aid of a headlamp struggling to stave off the circumfrance of night.
II: once on up @ fish hawk cliffs things began to stand still. the instinct to move, to continue on, just ceased. and the slow emegence of day began.
light spiraling and refracting against the frenetic, wind driven clouds rising out of the lowlands. an Eastern balance between the stoic permanance of the visable Great Range and the transience of light's treatment on the clouds wisping through. with each moment presenting its own special instance. unique.
III: continuing on to nippletop, through geography and an elemental trail. the cold of fall and leaves scattered along the way. sunlight blocked by low cloudcover. and yet upon the final approach to the summit, due to the morning's advance and the increase of the sun's strength, the clouds finally start to lift above. after pressing up and through, gettin' on top, another pregnant mixture. transience not quite willing to cede to an absolute. eastern shit indeed.
IV: an exuberant ridge run to dial through conifer brush and privileged greenery. with glimpses along the way of the gradeur of dix and the great range to the west.

thats a hike.

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