Wednesday, August 16, 2006

well now

gotta funky setting on my ie browser thats preventing an upload.
so mozilla it is until i figure it all out.

hasn't been all that long, but seems that time is just packed.

tigers win the first 2 vs. the sox but loose tonight. wasn't able to ctach any of the game, and frankly dont know a thing about it, but for good reason.

'nother mid-week cruise up for a taste of sunset from on high. tonight mansfield summit. indescribable.

another planned for tommorow.
coming off the rock it was said "when the extrodinary becomes routine, then what?"

best analogy i got in my hip pocket is going to dead shows. thats kinda like what that was all about.

so here's what i'm gonna do: dip in real quick to the pix without having even looked just ta give y'all a taste, cause yet more magic was being performed while others remained unaware. just lucky to have a seat up close. couldn't see up the sleeves ta figure how it was all done, but sufficiently satisfied and otherwise content just ta dig it all.

think the photo says it all.

we'll see what tommorow brings.

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