Friday, August 18, 2006

time ta regroup

shouldn't even be taking the time to go through last weeks pix, cause i'm dead nuts tired. but there ya have it.

hoping to get caught up, and i'm close, so spend the time and do it.

looking forward: gonna spend some time eatin cheetos, sittin in my red beanbag, tryin ta find some inane shit on the tv to preoccupy. bosox/yankees will provide a bit of entertainment, i'm certain, though the heat just doesn't seem to be as intense as it once was. suprising. think the change is due to personel change in the clubs, but they should be gettin after it with intensity. aint no wild card comin outta the east this year. that ya can go to the window with.

plus i got some random stuff that needs attention.
including me.

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