Saturday, August 05, 2006

sometimes ya just get lucky...

what a difference a day makes.
haystack (filth) > basin > saddleback today.
need to get a water filter. repeat: need to get me a water filter.
without question the best day available so far this summer. outrageous. temps in the mid 70's, humidity negligible, and all sorts of visability. my initial intention was to just grab a bit of filth. coming off the rock, though, wasn't any way that i was going to head down. nope. no way no how. back up. off to basin we go. then a scramble up the sheer face to saddleback.

bitch of it was, i only brought 3 jugs of water. by the time i got off saddleback and was cruising the ridge, i just didn't have enough to feel comfortable. got to the split in the trail and the question was asked: down the orebed trail or .7 miles for gothics. repeat: i gotta get a filter. with gothics just looming! suppose its all good, but today would have been a day to go for the rest of the mess. and i felt well enough.

have yet to comb through and select the best of show, but will. stay tuned. for now dig the silo!

(in short: wow. a remarkable, outrageously fulfilling day. stay tuned, cause me thinx that afore too long there'll be a push through to gothics and beyond. for now, i gotta call the pizza guy, and think i'm gonna fire up the third install of star wars and check in on the tiger's game...)

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