Thursday, August 03, 2006

new media

so i get back from the adks today (work, not pleasure) and its been a long week.
snap on msnbc to find out about things and this pencil neck with funny glasses utters the phrase "in the blogosphere, blah, blah, blah, friggin blah ." like it matters.

you just have to be effing kidding me. i've heard the phrase before, but man i got incensed. did i mention i'm a bit on edge and tired?

what kind of bullshit-media-trying-to-impress is that all about. call me behind the wave, but does anyone out there know what, or where, the blogosphere is??????!!!!
an abstraction to say the least. and who has the time. ARG

kind of an ironic place from which to rant, but there ya have it.

what matters is the score in tonight's tiger's game. and that about now it feels like a thursday.

(a weird coincidence: litenining to vpr on the way home and they played an audio clip from Do the Right Thing of senior, love daddy. its HOT! maybe i'm not so far behind the wave, after all)

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