Wednesday, August 02, 2006

electric and appropriate

get a call yesterday from lake placid and they have nuthin. no wan connection, no lan connection. server is down
what's a boy ta do but point the t-racer east ta keene valley.

for now, presumably outta the soup, but a necessary trip back tommorow.

a weather realted incident. and today more of the same. humidity's back being broken by lightning strikes, followed by almost immediate cracks of thunder. loud.
dropping right on or near the lake.

busy, but enough time now to determine that if the weather looks good i wanna grab a piece of the filth on saturday. that is, make another run up haystack. but only if the visability is there.

turbulant times, these.
its all metaphor, after all, ya know?

good news is tigers are up 2-0.
who cares about the al east????
its a squabble that aint gonna produuce an answer that can respond to the central, bay-beee.

(pix is an oldie but a goodie: named kubrick, from a trip to placid a bit ago)

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