Wednesday, August 30, 2006

all the news fit ta print

so the latest update from the front.

another mad dash up the hump after work to grab a lil somethin somethin at day's end.

burrows connector > forrest city > long trail north > top of the rock.
w/ mikey from work. the kid likes to go.

again < 1.5 hrs, and none to soon. just enough time ta catch a breath before the sun began dipping.

remember: guiness for strength!

in case you weren't yet convinced, fall is indeed upon us.
holy mackeral it was hostile up there. should have brought a kite and it was indeed cold.

nother week or so and we'll be well into the seasonal flux.

case you're interested, a glimpse at the horizon to hopefully enjoy.
grabbed with the zoom, which i actually havent used all that much lately. till the sunrise this past saturday. think its time to reinvestigate...

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