Saturday, July 01, 2006

ridgeline in the whites

first cruise.
and a tough arguement.
3 mile knife-edge ridgeline? ya gotta be kidding. shake yer head, make ya kinda wonder, magwa type-shit.

love my adks, but...

(good company ta boot. tremendous day)

and now fortunate enough to find my new favorite flix on the tube. a wee bit late to the party, but napolean dynamite may just nose out ferris in the innane, dont gotta think about it comedy world. it aint annie hall, but son of a gun, funny is funny. guess there's a difference between jokes and what's just plain odd. and napolean captures an odd yet ultimately true world in spades.

woke up today wonderin about my "skills."
and hoping every last one of ya is havin a "killer time."

its the weekend of the 4th!!!
with three days left ta play.

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