Saturday, July 15, 2006

lil' bit a nasty

filth up on top of haystack. and lightnin' did threaten!

breathtaking, truely. unreal views of marcy, and unreal views of the great range, w/ a big fat gothics plumply sitting in majesty. as far as the hike, the last half mile was one entertaining scramble. over lil' haystack -- which aint so lil-- to then find that there's a cul and a whole bunch more rock ta negotiate. up we go.

pix is from lil haystack, forward facing, just before the recognition that we're heading back down!

but a long walk. that i wanna tell ya. left the garden @ 6.5 a.m. and got back almost exactly 8 hrs later. staggerin like someone spillin outta the desert in a 40's hollywood pix. (not really. just liked the similie. actually felt pretty good. still need to take more time to eat, though.)

downside: hazy skys that threatened rain and a friggin speck on my wide angle that i never recognized. ah well. think i'm gonna have to head up again on a better day anyway. cauze there's a whole lot more to see, in better conditions, and i definitely want me some of the purest filth available.

i'll see. too tired now. sure there's something of value that i can post for interested parties.

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