Saturday, July 08, 2006

like a yo-yo

the return of q-ball.
an ongoing saga, i suppose; of sorts. opening the front door after gettin home last night from work she juked left and headed for waning daylight. but woke up today to head to the dacks and no "q" in sight, waiting to get in, when i split. and no "q" in sight upon return.
all is right, though. she just came screamin up the stairs.

watching the bbc version of tinker, tailor.
control to smiley: "give them what they eat, george, i need time!"
great stuff.
trust and deception. who ya gonna believe, if you can't believe your wife, or those working for your country.

so wright and algonquin knocked off with a degree of grace. first departure from the adk loj. 9 bucks ta park???? late start @ 8.25 w/ a return @ 3. didn't make a bid for iroqouis. should have. didn't.

tommorow, i'm a homer. gotta believe the italians are gonna prevail.

the pix above is actually from marcy on the 4'th. not sure what, but something that i dig...

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