Tuesday, July 04, 2006

just marcy

quick blitz from the garden to marcy.
18 some odd miles.
without question, a long walk. kinda cool though. came over the nw side of tabletop, (steep goin w/ a mess of a trail ta negotiate) so able then to visualize the approach. which heightened anticipation. ridgeline run under treeline for the final mile or so and then the final push. that's one big chunk of rock.

as is usually the case, more questions raised than answered. so alright: marcy. but haystack looks plain nasty. was gonna run after it, and probably should have, but "ranger rick" up top -- er whatever the ranger of jellystone answered to -- was full of gloom and doom about severe thunderstorms rollin through the area. gotta believe that haystack has become an object, now, of desire.

whaaa-whooo, smokestack lightnin. shinin', shinin'...

(and now watching the germany/italy soccer tilt. mom's maiden name being passetti, go figure who all i'm a rootin for. currently tied at zips and in overtime. italy hits post, hits crossbar???!!! outplayed for what i've seen of the game, but knotted up nonetheless.
why does soccer suck? as my buddie dave said yesterday: ya gotta believe there's a better way to decide this if the (2) overtimes don't resolve. penalty kicks?)

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