Tuesday, July 11, 2006

back from portland

had to shoot up to maine and take care of biz for monday, returned just a bit ago.

nice to smell the salt.

a funky lil' town. i'll say that. an ecclectic vibe that may very well be worth investigating a bit further. not sure that i can actually put my finger on it. though it could have been the fella spinning his arms about, speaking to anybody that'd care ta listen, all while walking into traffic experiencing what seemed either a moment of epiphany or complete and utter disconnect; or better: the two hippie chicks stopping streaming traffic to usher across a mother duck w/ a brood of some 6 little ones no bigger than gerbels (and as furry) trailing closely behind. quack.

glad to be back in burlington, and happier still cause a planned trip to lake placid/saranac lake for tommorow ended up being shelved till next week. be able to take a deep breath. would have taken me where i do love, but enough's enough.

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