Friday, June 09, 2006

order out of chaos:

we've got yet more rain forecasted for the weekend.
guess its another opportunity to try and take care of organizational matters and such.

thinkin about a few things.
for whatever reason, about three weeks or so ago i grabbed an old copy of the complete william blake and cracked it briefly. didn't get very far, but was intrigued enough to think it may be time ta dip the beak back in. struggle through my boy's mythology and all.

too wanna spend some time gaining a better sense of how to put together a plate of chineese food. all about balance between sweet and hot. vinegar and sugar. gotta take a look at some recipies and try to better familliarize. and of course, then enjoy.

due attention needs to be payed to my friggin hard drive. got a ton of stuff that needs to get dropped onto disc. which of course leads into the stuff already on disc. need to devote some time and thinkin to just exactly what the ultimate shape of all that is gonna take.

would also like to do a 3/4 sweep through the apt and at least make a run at a semblance of orderliness and cleanliness.

we'll see how far we get on the checklist....

tigers have toronto.
world cup has begun.
probably try and catch a wee bit of the stanley cup.

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