Sunday, June 04, 2006


just wet.

mistakenly slept late and didn't get over to keene until 8. immediately became apparent i had an interesting day to look forward to. felt great and made fantastic time in an effort to steal back some of what i had already wasted by snoozin. takin' a nick outta time, ya know. but mother of pete was it wet, even early. and no way to avoid it. hike turned into an exercise in rock-hopping fun.

past the john's brook lodge, up toward bushnell falls and then through an ice cold, green-like-w/ envy stand of hard wood while skirting around the eastern faces of basin and saddleback. did i mention wet?

and then things started to become more than suspect while approaching basin brook. the brook itself had breached its banks and raged. took a deft 1-2-3-4-5 hops to manage getting across. cat like balance and all. just a prelude to john's brook, though. impassable, as far as i was concerned. so with just a glimpse of slant rock through the trees i had ta turn around and retrace...

no interest in saving the hike for another rainy day.
so still no marcy, no haystack, no basin, ner saddleback. gonna have to get to the other side of the brook one day, i suppose. i had actually rejiggered my plans and had fully intended on cutting things short by hitting marcy from slant rock.

(if ya wanna check the topo out, click it once and then you can click 'er yet again to expand it further still.)

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