Friday, June 02, 2006

fired up about the tigers

inspite of losing three of four to the yankees, it was nice to see the new issue of SI in my mailbox when i got home from the salt mines.

the tigers are for real bay-beeeeee. better yet, as Tom Verducci decscribes in the article: "The Tigers are Cinderella on a nicotine jag".
great effort last night to climb back and not mail it in after three disappointments.
bring them sox on.

do check out the article, though, and dig the wide angle shot of verlander coming across wit da heat.
the city looks pretty damn good with a winning ballclub nestled in commerica park.

hope my bro doesn't mind, but the pix is his. earlier in the season, celebratory homecoming.

that's baseball. comin home to a welcome.

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