Saturday, June 10, 2006

as advertsied

more rain.
and so executing the plan.

phase 1 is complete.
phase 2 = cleaning up a bit.

and as a component of phase 2 i'm going through my closet. w/ an '81 burning spear show accompaniment.
funniest darn thing. stacks and stacks of tee's ta weed through and edit. what's a boy come across? a pete's tee. wowsa.

ya can see its too far gone, but hate ta throw it out. have ta burn somethin like that, wouldn'tcha?

just gotta love a pinball joint that uses "nothing else matters" as a slogan and a pink elephant as an icon.

immediately jumped on line (after takin the pix) ta see if i couldn't track down a new tee of the same, but alas pete's doesn't have a site. shit!


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