Sunday, May 14, 2006

whats a boy ta do on a rainy sunday

today. burnt rock via the beane trail. 5.9 miles X 2.
way wet. not so much due to the rain itself, but just everything ya need ta step through, work around, crouch under happened to be soaked from last nights rain. blow down wasn't so bad.

lost spirit 3/4 of the way on the approach though. just too wet and was getting cold.

but pushed through and mentally turned things around.
started the hike at appx 8 and back at the mighty tee-racer on carse road by 12:25. really felt good about the pace.


so everyone do a favor and listen to the branford show. 3-29-90
did so upon return and it's all there


didn't get any good pix, cause circunstance was just too hostile.

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