Monday, May 29, 2006

humble and very satisfied

Haven't had time to hash through the results from today's trek. Odd: walking with an elevated spirit that rises and appropriates the gradeur of impossible horizons. and yet, the pictures taken that immediately stand out at this point have nothing to do w/ the majestic.

Could have been the mood I was in I suppose. But then, perhaps its best.

Amazing to me how very significant where yer head is at becomes when ya got a camera in yer hand. Seems, at least for me, to dramatically impact the eventual output. The challenge of Gothics is:
a) gettin up the damn thing, which poses its own physical challenge.
b) once ya get there, given the challenge, how to then spark the creative.
c) all in the face of what rests in a context beyond rational categories.

Sorry, but as things shake out up there, a kodak moment just doesn't exist. There's a lot to earn, from yourself and from the mountain before you are allowed a glimpse.

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